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A busy Friday night in Boston!!

Posted Apr. 8, 2016 6:50pm
Two SIM students events tonight! We've got a geodesic dome built inside the Pozen Center with music and video screenings 7-10 and a group show at the Thomas Young Gallery (first of four!) opening 7-10!

Thomas Young Gallery
516 E 2nd St, Boston, MA 02127
Saturday 12:00 - 4:00PM and open by appointment

Visitings Artists this week in SIM - REGALI Artists Residency in Sicily

Posted Feb. 22, 2016 6:32pm
Please welcome our guests this week in SIM. This group is close to my heart as it is a residency I organized in Sicily a couple of years ago. We are so appreciative to be able to re-install the exhibit we created in Sicily in 2014.
Here is a bit about them:

Gabriele Abbruzzese lives and works in Catania. He graduated in Digital Applications for Visual Arts from the Academy Fine Arts at Catania in 2013. He works with digital photography, video, and new media. Observing the vital dichotomies between the core and the peripheral, he finds the essence of his subject in this middle ground. The basis of his work concentrates on the use of materials from everyday life, rendering the familiar unfamiliar and extraordinary. Among the recent exhibitions: 2015, “Extraordinary Travels” at Von Holden Studio, Palermo, 2014, “Molecole” curated by Galleria Occupata, Favara, “Cinema d’essai”, Ritmo, Catania, and “Give way to give a way” curated by BOCS, Berlin. Abbruzzese was a finalist in the FAM prize, 2014

Annamaria Craparotta has earned her degrees at Politecnico and at the Brera Fine Arts Academy, both in Milan. Her thesis was a multimedia performance developed with the inhabitants of Gibellina Nuova – a town designed by many of the most prominent artists and architects of Italy in the late 60s, after the original town was destroyed by the 1968 Belice earthquake. The new town, though with high expectations, has proven to be a shadow of its former self. Annamaria’s experience in Gibellina Nuova inspired her first documentary, “Carta Bianca. Tales of Gibellina Nuova”. She has been working on video, documentary and multimedia projects since 2009 and teaches subjects in the multimedia field since 2013.

Carmelo Nicotra lives and works in Favara (Ag) and Palermo. He completed his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo, where he graduated in painting in 2011. His practice, with an almost scientific approach, demonstrates an interest in current events, urban tradition and architecture. His visual language alternates between conceptual and poetic immediacy of communication. In his research, he has experimented with many media (painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, audio, video and graphic design). Major exhibitions include: 2014 – Give Way To Give A Way, edited by Jan Kage and Bocs, Schau Fenster, Berlin. SUB DIVO | UNDER THE SKY, by Giusy Diana, Villa Aurea – Landscape and Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento. 2013 – “The matter of a Dream” – Collection Paul Brodbeck, edited by Gianluca Collica, Alessandra Ferlito and Gianpiero Vincenzo, Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania. 2012-37 ° 19 ’07” N 13 ° 39′ 47” E, edited by Mary Jane Virga, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo (solo exhibition). 2011 – Venice Biennale 54th International Art Exhibition, The State of the Art – Italian Pavilion / Academy, edited by Vittorio Sgarbi, Tese di San Cristoforo – Arsenale, Venice.

Jennifer was born and raised primarily in New Jersey. She has studied and worked in Europe, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Texas, and is currently based in Berlin. Davy received her fine arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, her Masters in Art History and Criticism from the University of Texas and more recently completed her PhD at the European Graduate School (EGS), where she is currently a post-doctoral fellow, focusing on contemporary art theory and practice. in addition to art and writing, Davy has functioned as a curator, editor, producer, and professor of art and media studies.

Lisa Wade is an American-born artist living in Italy for many years. She is a conceptual artist working with sociopolitical content using video, installation, and painting. She has exhibited all over Europe and the United States. She is an experienced teacher and mentor. Lisa writes, “As an American living overseas, I am daily switching between English and Italian, American and European perspectives, literal and metaphorical meanings. I often complete sentences in whichever language offers the more descriptive finish. In my art, I use diverse materials as I do different languages. No one material is more significant than the others, I use them all together to express myself to the fullest.”

Lecture Series: Art Education & Social Practice

Posted Feb. 2, 2016 7:01pm
SIM and Art Ed have combined efforts to bring 3 speakers to MassArt during the SP16 semester.
February 4th, 2-3:30 - Pozen
Daniel Callahan
Callahan is a multimedia artist and designer and educator living in Roxbury, MA. His practice looks to reestablish the innate connection between our individual and collective humanity and the universe that surrounds it. His multi-media work seeks to bridge the gap between art, artist, observer and environment.

February 18, 2-3:30 - Location TBA
Barrington Edwards
A Mass Art Alum and Boston-based artist educator, Edwards will present his social intervention Effingee Beast Project, supported by the Design Studio for Social Intervention through the Expressing Boston Fellowship. This work explores the construct of the Black man as beast, and how the public responds to an actual great Black beast walking the streets.

March 3, 2-3:30 - Pozen
Dell Hamilton
Dell M. Hamilton is an artist, writer, activist and curator based in Boston. Born in Spanish Harlem with roots Belize and Honduras, she spent her formative years in the Bronx borough of New York and was raised in a bilingual as well as a multi-racial family. Her work is grounded in the interdisciplinary contexts of the African Diaspora and has been shown to a widely. In 2013, she was a member of Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh's arts & culture policy and campaign team and is a contributing editor to the African American Visual Artists Database (AAVAD). She currently works at Harvard's Hutchins Center for African and African American Research.

Dell's talk is already integrated into SIM Major Studio. Is there a producer that would like to invite Barrington Edwards speak in Pozen on Feb 18th?

Bread and Puppet Theater: Artists-in-Residence @MassArt, Feb. 11-21, 2016.

Posted Jan. 25, 2016 10:36pm
SIM is pleased to be co-sponsoring this residency with the Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CACP).

Many events open to all, so please join us!

Bread & Puppet Theater
takes up residency at
Mass College of Art and Design
from February 11 thru 21.
Most activities open to all!

In keeping with its long standing tradition of "sublime arsekicking puppetry," the award-winning Vermont-based Bread & Puppet Theater, featuring Artistic Director Peter Schumann and his merry troupe of puppeteers, returns to Boston for their annual winter visit. This time around, Bread & Puppet will be hosted by Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt). The theater's artists-in-residency will run from February 11-21, so please mark your calendars! [Guaranteed, only radical puppet blizzardry will be generated while they're in town!]

Complete details on events open to the public, as well as participation opportunities, can be found right on Bread & Puppet's website (direct link:

Bread & Puppet's eleven day residency, featuring its signature powerful imagery, masked characters, and giant papier-mâché puppets, will include the following:

1. The Overtakelessness Circus (Feb. 13-14) and,

2. The Seditious Conspiracy Theater Presents: A Monument to the Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera (Feb. 17-21, recommended for ages 10 and up).

3. A rousing Fiddle Sermon delivered by Peter Schumann, followed by a Q&A and reception (Feb. 11);

4. Peter Schumann's most recent and timely political art installation: North East Kingdom Weapons and Tools for Decapitalization (Feb. 12-21);

5. Bread & Puppet’s legendary Cheap Art will be for sale after each performance;

6. The opportunity to savor Schumann’s home-made sourdough rye bread (smeared with garlic-laden aioli), freshly baked in a temporary outdoor brick oven located on campus.

Complete details regarding Bread & Puppet's residency at MassArt can be found if you go directly to

After visiting the theater's website, if you have further questions about the overall residency at MassArt, please feel free to contact Elena at or (617) 879-7527. For those who are interested in participating in the performances, please email Linda at

You should get involved!!! email if you'd like to volunteer in any way, lots or a little.

2nd Annual SIM Alumni and Founders Day

Posted Oct. 18, 2015 11:12pm
Welcome Alumni back to SIM Major Studio! Last years Alumni and Founders day was so successful we just had to do it again.
1:30 - 6:00pm Alumni and Student presentations and Critique. You know the drill! Producers of the day get a critique too!

If you can't stay all day, join us at 6 pm for a presentation about the history of Eventworks by current and past Eventworks producers.

then -
7:00 - 9:00 pm Light dinner, Art, and Networking.
You are the center of attention!! Our 80+ SIM Majors want to meet you and make connections.

9:00 pm too early for you? The party continues somewhere off campus TBD.

Order tickets (free!) via Eventbrite:

If you have questions, please contact Nita Sturiale:

This weekend!! SIM infuses ILLUMINUS Festival

Posted Sep. 30, 2015 4:12pm
ILLUMINUS is a nighttime contemporary art event established last year. ILLUMINUS features installations and performances by artists who manipulate light, sound, and projection to create an immersive, multi-sensory spectacle.
Featured SIM artists:
Kevin Clancy
Devon Bryant
Dan Deluca
Liz Nofziger (MFA)
Glenna Van Nostrand
Marc McNulty (MFA)

Production team:
Brooke Scibelli
Jenny Proscia
Nicole Dube

There may be more that i don't even know about. And who is volunteering!!?!?

Also work from last year of SIM Alum Isnard DuPoux and Sam Okerstrom-Lang was featured in the promotional video that has been out there for HUBWeek. Watch the video -

Image: YOUR HEART IS A PRISM by ARTIST by KEVIN CLANCY; An immersive video installation with live light manipulations accompanied by a live sound score, “Your Heart is a Prism” will create a meditative space for the audience.

St Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artists Awards

Posted Jun. 4, 2015 10:52am
Congratulations to 2 more SIMsters!! Sam Okerstrom-Lang (BFA 2013) and Stephanie Cardon (MFA 2010) have been awarded Emerging Artist Awards this spring.
Add their names to the growing list of SIM St. Botolph award recipients!
Lina Giraldo (SIM BFA and first Godine Family Gallery Manager)
Corrine Spencer (SIM BFA)
[and in music, Ben Cosgrove, son of a SIM alum, Maureen Cosgrove!]
Carolyn Shadid Lewis (SIM MFA)
Bahar Yurukoglu (SIM MFA)
Liz Nofziger (SIM MFA)

Elaine Buckholtz Solo Exhibit at Sasha Wolf in NYC

Posted Jun. 3, 2015 11:39am
Elaine Buckholtz: Spinning Light for Color Fields A solo show June 3-July 12, 2015 The exhibition will open on Wednesday, June 3rd with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m.


Elaine Buckholtz has been working with aspects of moving light for the past 30 years. This exhibition focuses on light sculpture, video installation and manipulated video stills. The works produced for this show are made up of two different, yet related, ways of working.

Firstly, the manipulated video stills—or photographic prints—from the artist’s experimentation with iconic works from art history. In the artist’s process, Buckholtz tears out images from art history books,takes the excised images and spins them on a contraption of her own design. She then films these pieces in motion while shaking the camera and the footage results in abstracted lines and patterns. The finished prints are video stills of these spun artworks.

Adding another layer to this process, Buckholtz also projects video of the spinning pieces on to prints of the video stills. These meditative, quiet pieces are the result of still images with their slow-motion counterpart video projected on to the extracted prints. The two video projections pieces in the show are formatted in the aspect ratio of two important moments in film history. The first of these, “Middlesticks,” is a 1:1 (or square) format—the format of Étienne-Jules Marey’s films, one of the earliest forms of recorded moving image. (Marey’s Chronophotographe recorded the famous images proving cats always land on their feet). The second, “Spinning Night in Living Color,” uses the iconic Cinemascope format (anywhere from 2.66:1 to 2.35:1), a format at once familiar and nostalgic (see “East of Eden”, and ”The Inn of The Sixth Happiness”). These pieces address not only the history of painting (through source material of images from textbooks), but also the history of cinema (through format and the use of moving image). Through these pieces, the act of painting is reconsidered and leapfrogs from planar painting (second dimension) to time-based media (the fourth dimension).

For Buckholtz, who is also known for her longstanding career as a light installation artist and lighting designer for performance, this body of work sits in a context of distilling the variables involved with lighting a 3D space for time-based performance into a gallery setting. The cohesive connectors between these practices are motion, light, time, and an interest in harnessing these elements in an art-historical context.

Visiting Artist in SIM Amy Hicks!

Posted Apr. 8, 2015 10:15pm
Thursday April 9 2 - 3:30. Amy Hicks is an Assistant Professor of Art and Studio Area Head of Lens Media at the University of Delaware.
Her film, photography, video installation, low-tech animation, and hybrid media works have screened in museums, galleries, and film festivals around the globe including: The Ann Arbor Film Festival, Pacific Film Archive, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, diRosa Preserve: Art and Nature, San Francisco International Film Festival, The San Jose Museum of Art, the Hosfelt Gallery (SF & NYC), and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. Grants and fellowships include Individual Artist Grants from the San Francisco Art Commission and Film Arts Foundation to a Djerassi Resident Artists Program Fellowship. Her collaborative multi-faceted project with IDOK Center for Research has toured internationally from The Lab in San Francisco, CA to Co-Lab Projects in Austin, Texas to GMK in Zagreb, Croatia, among other locations. Hicks earned her BA from the University of California Riverside and her MFA from Stanford University.

Image Credit: Video Still from Luminiferous Aether, Amy Hicks, 2015

Visitings Artists this week in SIM

Posted Feb. 17, 2015 4:45pm
Josephine Dorado, movement artist and mobile game developer, in residence and organizing workshops and a panel discussion entitled: Women in Technology - Connecting Communities through Transmedia Storytelling